Welcome to Eternal Reign!



Ladies and Gentlemen, Eternal Reign is now officially searching for a new singer!!!


As we told you, Timo Behrens is helping us out for the upcoming live shows in 2016 but he won’t join the band. He’s so busy in his job as a doctor and his other bands, that he has no more capacities to do the job.


We’re looking for a Singer (male or female!) who’s technically able to sing our old stuff – that’s the most important thing. Thereby it’s no need to sound exactly like our former singer Dirk, we don’t need a copy of his voice but an own personality. Furthermore you should be live-experienced, creative and engaged. If you like U.S. Metal Bands like Vicious Rumors, Queensryche, Savatage, Metal Church and Classic Metal in general with a pinch of progressive elements, you could be Mr. or Mrs. Right!


Don’t be afraid to contact us and ask all your questions (drums@eternal-reign.de or mick@eternal-reign.de) – maybe you’re the voice on our next album!


Spread the word and make it real!

Will do the upcoming live shows: Timo Behrens (photo in courtesy of Lorena Melinda)



Maybe you already heard about the rumors: Eternal Reign singer and founding member Dirk Stühmer quit the band a few month ago for personal reasons. It took him a very long time to make this step and it wasn’t easy for him! We regret and respect his decision and thank him for the great job he did in all the years. All the best for the future Dirk!


Now we’re glad to have Timo Behrens from Lennart’s coverband Iron Priest helping us out for the upcoming live shows in 2016. He will have his babtism of fire on the 5th of march at the „Evil Hordes Metalfest“ in Oberhausen.


Be sure it’s hard to replace Dirk on vocals, it needs a lot of skills and self-confidence, so we hope, you’ll give Timo a warm welcome and honour his willingness to do the job until we’ll hopefully find a replacement.

Our new man on the battle axe: Axel Czyborr (photo in courtesy of Bremen4you)



Well, it's been quite a while since our last posting...

Bad news are that our former drummer Andre has got an apoplexy at the end of the last year, but he is on his way to recovery and alive and well... All the best, old boy!!!

And more things happened: our guitar player Torsten Fünfhaus has left the Band due to private reasons... We wish him all the best for his future and say a loud "Thank you duuude"! It were 18 great years with you - good luck for you!!!

Here are the good news: we found a new guitar player, so say hello to our new kid Axel Czyborr who wields his guitar now for Eternal Reign. He also has his own excellent thrash band called "Riot Instinct", check them out, they will release their self finaced debut on vinyl within the next months!

ETERNAL REIGN are reinforced now with Axel and still in the songwriting progress, which means we're preparing a new album! Five tracks are already done - three more to come - or four, or five? Hopefully the wait will end within this year!!!


Cheerz and take care!